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Cliff Bentz Comments on Senate GOP Cap and Trade Walkout

Contact: Diana Morinaga
(208) 739-8135

“The “we know what’s best for you” elitist attitude of the Democrat supermajority in Salem has grown even more prevalent since the 2019 session when I helped lead the senate walkout over Cap & Trade.

As the Democrats once again try to strong arm a slightly updated version of the cap & trade bill (SB 1530 or HB 4167), through the legislature, not only have most of the Senate Republicans walked, but the majority of the House Republicans are threatening to leave as well. Possibly leaving both chambers without a quorum.

Cap and Trade has been rushed along, amended multiple times, and still the proponents have no idea of its fiscal impact or its real nature (for example, is it a tax?). There are several companion bills to Cap and Trade that the Democrat legislators say will fix a few of the many issues that are not addressed in the main bill.

Why are these companion bills not good enough to be part of the Cap and Trade Bill? The Democrats have had seven months since the last session ended to figure this out and still are lost.

I support the legislators who walked out. I know they did not come to this decision lightly. They are taking a stand for not only their constituents but for all rural and working Oregonians who have for too long been forgotten by the elites in Portland.

This is why I am running to be your next Congressman for CD 2, to make sure these Oregonians are heard and not forgotten in Washington DC.”

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Cliff Bentz: Husband, businessman, and third generation Eastern Oregon rancher, Cliff Bentz is fighting to protect our conservative Oregon values. As an Eastern Oregon legislator, he stood up for rural Oregon, individual Second Amendment rights, lower taxes, and land and water rights. In Congress, Cliff Bentz will support President Trump, continue defending rural Oregon, and work to stop the liberal agenda.