I have spent my entire life as a rancher, farmer, attorney and state legislator fighting for and supporting the wise and actual use of Oregon’s lands and water, so I applaud President Trump’s plan to update the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

NEPA is a litigation nightmare and time sink for many projects involving federal funding. To quote the President, when talking about how long it takes to get a permit to build, “that’s big government at its absolute worst.”

Hopefully, the President’s overhaul of these rules will speed up the NEPA review process and allow road improvements, fire prevention activities, timber sales, and land and water management to actually happen. The President’s plan will ensure improved and increased local input and save taxpayer dollars by streamlining government bureaucracy and inefficiency while still safeguarding the environment. The President’s action to speed up these litigation bound processes will help move activities across all of Oregon forward. What the President has done has been many times talked about, but never, until now, has someone actually stepped up and taken action. The President deserves great credit for actually addressing this important issue.

I strongly support his efforts and look forward to working with him in the implementation of this update should I become your next Congressman.

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