I am often asked what separates me from other candidates in this race.

The answer is simple: I have been a resident of, and I have stood up for CD 2 and Eastern Oregon my entire life.

I was raised in CD 2. I grew up working on my family’s ranch in Harney County, graduated from college in La Grande, went to law school to learn how to defend our ranch’s water rights, own, operate and live on a farm near Ontario, and have always voted as a resident of CD2.

I will remain true to my Eastern Oregon values and you can be absolutely certain that I will vote in Washington just as I talk in Oregon.

America First

America is not just a country; it is an idea. A very successful idea that no one else in the world has been able to duplicate. Under President Trump’s leadership, the possibilities for our country’s future have expanded quickly and dramatically.

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The Second Amendment

I have always voted to protect our Second Amendment rights. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a ranch or strolling through downtown Portland, you have the right to defend yourself.

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Cap and Trade

In the 2019 Legislative session I helped lead two Senate Republican walkouts. The first was to stop an unconstitutional infringement upon our Second Amendment rights, a multibillion-dollar gross receipts tax, and a completely partisan carbon pricing bill.

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President Trump continues to lead our country in the right economic direction. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus is laying waste to three years of unprecedented economic prosperity.

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I have spent my entire life as a rancher, farmer, attorney and state legislator fighting for and supporting the wise and actual use of Oregon’s lands and water, so I applaud President Trump’s plan to update the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

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I strongly oppose government run healthcare. Estimates show that the democrat’s proposal of a single payer healthcare system would cost over $30 trillion.

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I have always been pro-life. The value of life has been instilled in me through my Catholic faith, my experience as a rancher, a lawyer, a father and a husband.

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Reduce Regulation, Lower Taxes

I will work in Congress – just as I did in the state senate – to strengthen our economy by directing investments toward rural Oregon, reducing regulations, lowering taxes and supporting President Trump’s policies that make our economy even stronger.

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Secure our Borders

I will join President Trump in stopping illegal immigration by improving border security and by building/completing the wall. Of course, we need to address and reform immigration.

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The United States-Mexico-Canada agreement (USMCA) will not only benefit our local beef, onion & wheat producers it will also hopefully bring some much-needed economic relief to America’s dairy farmers.

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During my eight years on the Oregon Water Resource commission, time after time, I spoke up and defended farmers’ and ranchers’ use of water.

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