The Second Amendment

I have always supported and voted to protect our Second Amendment rights. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a ranch or strolling through downtown Portland, you have the right to defend yourself. I have my concealed carry permit and I am a member of the NRA.

I was raised on a ranch where guns were in use almost every day.  We carried either an 30-06 or a 243 in our various pickups.   We each had our own handguns.  I had and still have my 357 Ruger single six which I bought in 1969.  I have a Glock 19 9mm Luger, a Winchester 30-30, a Winchester 22, a rolling block single shot Remington 22, and several other long guns.

I have voted repeatedly, in the Oregon Legislature, to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and I was one of the “Oregon 11” who walked out of the Oregon Senate in May of 2019 to stop Senate Bill 978, an overreaching and unconstitutional gun control bill brought by liberal Portland Democrats. If you recall, SB 978, among other right damaging provisions, would have imposed strict liability on the gun owner for all damages arising from the use of his/her gun stolen and then used for a crime.

Although I was an avid hunter in my early years, the time it takes to operate my business, my farm, and my legislative office have made it impossible to take the time to hunt.  Throughout the years, I have joined my son, an avid gun enthusiast, to target shoot.  I have no idea how many ground squirrels and jack rabbits and snakes I have hunted over the years.

I lease a commercial building here in Ontario to the Outdoorsman, an outdoor and firearm sales retail business.  I enjoy visiting with the owner about the guns she has on hand and the ebb and flow of the firearm business.  I have been fortunate to have the owner assist me in analyzing some of the more complex firearm issues that have come up over the years in the Oregon legislature.

The Second Amendment is essential to American life.  It is essential to our ability to defend ourselves. I will stand up for it always.

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