I strongly oppose government run healthcare. Estimates show that the democrat’s proposal of a single payer healthcare system would cost over $30 trillion. I believe Obamacare should be replaced with solutions that focus on free market principles to help drive down the skyrocketing cost of healthcare. I will support efforts in Congress to promote healthcare reforms that lower premiums and overall healthcare costs, improve quality care, protect the doctor patient relationship, increase much needed transparency and create more choices for consumers of healthcare.

Some specific solutions I support are: medical malpractice reform that stops frivolous lawsuits and provides patient safety, allowing individuals and small businesses to join to together to purchase group insurance plans like large businesses and allowing consumers to buy health insurance plans across state lines to increase competition and lower costs, and assurance that whatever we do, pre-existing conditions are covered. Healthcare is a complex and extremely large problem. A problem that exceeds three trillion dollars annually cannot be solved in a single paragraph, but the ideas set forth here can be part of the solution.

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