The United States-Mexico-Canada agreement (USMCA) will not only benefit our local beef, onion & wheat producers it will also hopefully bring some much-needed economic relief to America’s dairy farmers.

Reduce Regulation, Lower Taxes

I will work in Congress – just as I did in the state senate – to strengthen our economy by directing investments toward rural Oregon, reducing regulations, lowering taxes and supporting President Trump’s policies that make our economy even stronger.


I have always been pro-life. The value of life has been instilled in me through my Catholic faith, my experience as a rancher, a lawyer, a father and a husband.


I have spent my entire life as a rancher, farmer, attorney and state legislator fighting for and supporting the wise and actual use of Oregon’s lands and water, so I applaud President Trump’s plan to update the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


President Trump continues to lead our country in the right economic direction. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus is laying waste to three years of unprecedented economic prosperity.